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- Highlighted "Tiny aquariums put nanoparticle self-assembly on display".
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Other news reports: Nanowerk, EurekAlert!,, Long Room, Controlled Environments, Science Newsline, Azonano,
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Nano Letters 17 (5), pp 3270–3275 (2017). [LINK] [PDF]
- Highlighted "Playing with Nanoparticle Legos: Polymorphism in Nanoantenna Arrays".
Read the full news article here.
22.Quantifying the self-assembly behavior of anisotropic nanoparticles using liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy
Binbin Luo,* John W. Smith,* Zihao Ou and Qian Chen*
Accounts of Chemical Research 50 (5), pp 1125–1133 (2017). [LINK] [PDF]
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21.Effects of cross-linking density on interfacial polymerization and scaffold Formation in functionalized polymer beads
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- Selected to highlight and interview by ACSNano Podcast.
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18.Reversible and Precise Self-Assembly of Janus Metal-Organosilica Nanoparticles through a Linker-Free Approach
Huicheng Hu, Fei Ji, Yong Xu, Jiaqi Yu, Qipeng Liu, Lei Chen, Qian Chen, Peng Wen, Yeshayahu Lifshitz, Yan Wang, Qiao Zhang and Shuit-Tong Lee
ACS Nano 10 (8), 7323–7330 (2016). [LINK] [PDF]

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