Teaching and Outreach

MSE 480/CHEM 488 (Fall): Surface and Colloids

Chemistry and physics of surfaces and interfaces, with emphasis on behavior in liquid media. Surface composition; surface and interfacial forces; colloidal stability and flocculation; amphiphilic molecules. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours.

MSE 450 (Spring):Polymer Science and Engineering

Polymer synthesis, mechanical properties, thermodynamics, with emphasis on practical applications. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours.

Nano@engineering RET program

Nano-engineering research with high school teachers towards innovative course module developments in the high school curriculum.

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Nickey, a math teacher in Wheeler High School (Marietta, GA), worked in the Chen lab with Juyeong, and presented her work in a poster session of the RET program (summer, 2016).